15 Mar. Carrot and stick.

Last night, I set up the timer for 30 minutes. This is how much time I can devote to my practice in the evenings. I did not set up any intermediate bells. I also had no intention to sit for 30 minutes. I'm done with using the duration of my sittings as a gauge of … Continue reading 15 Mar. Carrot and stick.


14 Mar. The Black Jewel.

I feel no obligation to meditate. The only gauge of my progress should be how much and how easily I can let go. Mediation can be so joyful. If I only learn how to just sit. Let the time slip through my fingers. Let everything waste away. Let opportunities pass me by. There is never anything … Continue reading 14 Mar. The Black Jewel.

22 Feb. Relief.

I managed to sit for 30 minutes last night. I started off with mantra: 'Om' (but it could have been any meaningless word or sound). Not repeating it mentally. Not trying to focus my attention. It was not a concentration practice. More along the lines of transcendental meditation technique. I thought the mantra clearly a few … Continue reading 22 Feb. Relief.