21 Feb. Mantra and mindfulness.

Last night - very sleepy. This morning - brilliant sitting. I'm very excited about using mantra immediately before mindfulness practice. Mantra does a great job centring and focusing the mind. When I let go of the mantra after 10 or 15 minutes my mind naturally becomes empty. Like a satellite falling towards earth and missing … Continue reading 21 Feb. Mantra and mindfulness.


20 Feb. Tired evening. Cold morning.

Last night: mantra followed by mindfulness (of breath). Tired. Sleepy. Pity. This morning, the same technique. Nothing special. Poor focus. The house was so cold. So I sat there with cold hands and nose. Almost shivering. In the dark. In my living room. On the floor. On Tuesday before 6 AM. Like a crazy person. … Continue reading 20 Feb. Tired evening. Cold morning.