15 June. Namo Amithabaya.

Somehow I manage to meditate twice a day again. I'm delighted. My mind is noisier on the out-breaths. It is quite easy to be focused on the in-breaths. I notice the pause between each breath. When I notice that I'm thinking I bring my attention back to the space between the breaths - and that … Continue reading 15 June. Namo Amithabaya.


14 Jun. A thought. A breath.

When I meditated tonight it occurred to me that thoughts are like breaths. That thinking is like breathing. That each thought - just like a single breath - has a beginning, peak and end. I contribute this discovery to my recent reading about Mahamudra and the "pointing-out instructions". So I sat there looking at each thought … Continue reading 14 Jun. A thought. A breath.