8 Dec. More meditation. More sleeplessness.

Today, I woke up at 3 AM. Not that I wasn't tired. I desperately needed sleep. But I couldn't fall asleep again. It's getting ridiculous. I have serious issues with sleep. This only shows how poor meditator I am. Five years of practice, over 100 posts on the blog about meditation and yet I can't … Continue reading 8 Dec. More meditation. More sleeplessness.


27 Nov. Buddha.

I have stumbled upon a very interesting fact – that Christians (accidentally and unknowingly) celebrate Buddha as one of their saints on 27 November! Apparently, Buddha was added to Christian calendars in Middle Ages under name Josaphat: on 26 August for Greek Orthodox, on 27 November for Catholics. The story of Christian saint Josaphat goes as follows: Josaphat … Continue reading 27 Nov. Buddha.