17 Aug. Allah, Zeus and Odin.

I keep thinking/reading about the Pure Land Buddhism. It is stressing me out. I have never thought that Buddhism will become such a burden. I'm trying to convince myself that the Pure Land practice is a legitimate one. But my doubts are growing as I see Pure Land apologetics bending over backwards trying to explain Pure … Continue reading 17 Aug. Allah, Zeus and Odin.


16 Aug. Imagining Pure Land.

While driving to work today I silently recited nembutsu. It was scary to see how often my mind preferred to abandon the joyful mantra and ventured into the land of useless, selfish, and fearful thoughts. I find a relief in the Buddha-mindfulness practice. Thinking the mantra of Amida instead of reacting to thoughts and events … Continue reading 16 Aug. Imagining Pure Land.