8 Jul. Transcendental Meditation and the severed head of a Catholic saint.

I attended a free introductory Transcendental Meditation course in Drogheda (a town located North from Dublin, half way between Dublin and Northern Ireland). I heard that they keep a severed human head in one of the churches in the town. I went to check it out. Yup, there was a human head on a display. You gotta love the Catholic Church.

We started off with watching testimonies from celebrities about the effectiveness of TM. Why celebrities? Why not ordinary people? Is it because they are more credible? Or is the TM organization trying to trick us into thinking that by copying the lifestyle of the rich and famous we will somehow climb up the pedestal too?

The only new thing I learned about TM was the price for the course. It was too high (in my opinion) by more or less… the price of the course. The rest of the stuff that was spoken about can be found on TM webpage.

The person leading the lecture also said that TM is not a self-hypnosis. The method itself may not be. But the business model is. TM asks you to spend money to receive a single word. Even though a few hundred Euros is not a fortune, considering what we are exchanging it for, makes it a substantial amount of money… And people would rather convince themselves and everybody else that the costly product they purchased doesn’t suck than admit they were tricked. Why do you think Apple products are so expensive?

I’ll stick to my opinion that TM is merely a relaxation technique. A very effective and useful one.

3 thoughts on “8 Jul. Transcendental Meditation and the severed head of a Catholic saint.

  1. Vipassana meditation is simple and effective. If one do it right, you may very well be close to “Samadhi” this is where the 50 demonic stages are well described in the Shurangama Sutra.

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    1. Hi, thank you. I didn’t know this sutra! I will definitely learn more about it as it seems to be very interesting (based on the brief description Wikipedia gives). All the best to you!


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