9 Jul. “Whatever, either way is good.” Homer Simpson.

I sat last night. Usual 20 minutes. Chair. I want a meditation cushion. Meditating on a chair is good. Serves me well. There is one thing I miss about meditating on a cushion in my preferred seiza position – the humility aspect of kneeling down on the floor.

Humility. It has it all. It either contains or is generated by wisdom, passivity, lack of judgment and lack of discrimination.

Anyway… I focused on the breath enjoying those beautiful moments of silence. And then a thought would pop out. Silence. A thought. And so on. I realized that both states are good and beneficial. Silence gives me a relief in the present moment. It also allows me to take away to my daily life the confidence that below all the mess is bliss. Thoughts appearing and disappearing out of and into the thin air show me what my worries are really made of.


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