12 Jul. Diamond Way.

The first time I did the 16th Karmapa meditation was in the Diamond Way Centre in Poland, about a year ago. I wasn’t fully engaged in it though. I was put off by the visualization. Also the “Invocation of Black Coat” spoken at loud in Tibetan put me off. It was way too foreign and new to me. I found it funny. To the point where I had to force myself not to chuckle. I know this is a terrible thing to feel. And say. But without honesty this blog is dead and useless.

The second time I visited a Diamond Way centre was a year later (about two weeks ago) also in Poland. Probably because today I have a greater confidence in my practice, more respect and gratitude, and because I’m more open to other forms of meditation – 16th Karmapa Meditation on that day filled me with peace and gratitude. It was a very unexpected and surprising outcome.

My yesterday trip to Dublin was a bit of sentimental one as the centre is located very close to where I lived over three years ago. While walking through the familiar areas I found myself daydreaming instead of experiencing. My practice allowed me to notice it quickly and come back to the present moment. Present moment. I know it’s a cliché. Except it’s not. It ceases to be one when you experience present moment during meditation for the first time. Some more meditation, and finding it is no longer an effort. Merely a choice.

So last night I was fully engaged in meditation. I spoke “Karmapa Chenno” mantra with conviction. I really enjoyed listening to others mumbling the mantra quietly. It sounded like a hum of waves. It really did.

Tonight: Rigpa and Shambhala. I’m getting so tired of traveling to Dublin every day after work and coming back home after 10 pm. Not to mention that being alone among all those people is not the most pleasant thing. Shouldn’t I be taking advantage of my family being out of the country and lying passed out somewhere?


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