23 Jul. Don’t react.


Last morning I sat for 60 minutes. It was hard. It was great. I wasn’t concerned about the quality of sitting that much. So whenever my mind went astray I simply let it go. What a banal slogan. Not anymore – but only after I gave it a meaning through my own practice. For me let it go means don’t react. Everything will cease to exist at its own pace. Just step back and let it unfold. I’m getting better at it during meditation. In the daily life – not so much.

So my yesterday’s sitting was an exercise in non-reactivity. Against my mind conditioned to seeking out threats and coming up with all possible catastrophic outcomes through worrying. This is exactly what worrying is!

In the afternoon – long walk with my family through Boyne Valley, Co. Meath, Ireland. So quiet I could hear birds singing. During the two hours walk, we only met a few people. How perfect, I thought. Nothing was going on. I noticed quickly and easily each time my mind switched to a daydreaming mode and tried to pull me away from the present moment. It was pretty easy to be mindful. I guess it was because I liked my surroundings. Try to be mindful when you hate reality.



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