19 Sep. Walking meditation.

Last night I sat for 30 minutes. I started off with Buddho mantra. When I felt sleepy I opened my eyes. After 20 minutes I paused the timer and did a minute or so of walking meditation. When I sat down again I felt refreshed. Meditating with eyes open and incorporating walking meditation into night sittings is a great way to beat drowsiness.

This morning – just 20 minutes. Scattered thoughts at first, but then emptying my mind was pretty easy to achieve. Focused on my breath and my whole body: feet, knees, abdomen, hands, back, head. The whole body equally important. There are no thoughts in my legs, belly, chest or neck. Likewise – there is no heartbeat in my hair and no sight in my toes… If you know what I mean?

I’ve stumbled upon this 20 seconds long conversation between David Lynch and Harry Dean Stanton (who unfortunately passed away just a few days ago). I like the answers given. And I love how David Lynch smiles and nods his head with understanding… This is exactly how I smiled and nodded my head. And how you will smile and nod your head.

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