20 Sep. Meditating when sick.

I tried to sit last night. I gave up after a few minutes. A runny nose. Sneezing uncontrollably every 30 seconds. It’s just not going to happen.

I sat for 20 minutes this morning. Still tired and dizzy a bit. But at least I didn’t have to blow my nose every 5 seconds. The sitting was good. I was mindful of unpleasant sensations in the body. That’s it. No judging. No story. Just sitting. I felt as if I could sit there forever. But I had to leave to work.

I don’t know why… but right now I have an extremely strong urge to share a quote from a Chan master Shishuang Qingzhu (807-888). It must be the medication I’m taking.

Cease. Stop. Have one thought for ten thousand years. Be a cold, ashen, decayed tree. A strip of white silk without words upon it.

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