25 Sep. More trees.

I didn’t get to meditate as much as I wanted to last weekend because… family life. Saturday morning. 7 AM. I’m meditating. Ten minutes in. My 3yo daughter walks in holding her favorite plush cat – lovingly by the face – and demands cookies for breakfast. And so on and so forth.

I finally got to sit on Sunday night. I sat for half an hour. I find myself less and less sleepy during my late sittings. I’m also becoming more observant of the workings of my mind between the sittings. Very suspicious of my thoughts and feelings. Very often my reaction to stress and worry is: Oh, here we go again… And then nothing happens. I guess the more you observe your mind the more certain patterns become apparent. And predictable. And boring. Also, I find that bringing my attention to the body (both on and off the cushion) is very effective in fighting off unpleasant feelings like worry and anger. Especially feet. Next time you find yourself agitated become aware of your feet. Experience them. Not sure why this works. Maybe because feet are so far away from the brain, the source of all the commotion?

On Saturday we went to Castleblayney (County Monaghan). Beautiful town. We walked the small forest on the Black Island (Muckno Lake). My kids bored and unimpressed. I was excited and happy like a spoiled brat in a toy store on Christmas.


2 thoughts on “25 Sep. More trees.

  1. Lovely photos. Concentrating on your feet might be you grounding yourself with the earth – like Buddha touching the ground with his hand on his night of awakening – you might be getting close 🙂

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    1. Lovely country = lovely photos. Yes, I’m definitely approaching awakening… to the fact that I’m not approaching awakening. But thank you for your humorous comment. I certainly appreciate it! 🙂


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