29 Sep. Not me, not mine, not my self.

Not sure where did I get it from, but I hold an opinion that once the nature of consciousness and self are understood everything else will fall into place. Until yesterday I had absolutely no evidence to back up my claim… And then a kind soul introduced me to Thomas Metzinger.

According to Metzinger, consciousness is our own virtual reality we create in the mind. The conscious self is the image of our body (avatar) embedded in that representation of the outside world.

Another view I’ve held for a long time is that during meditation body is as important as mind. I find that when I focus my attention on the body my mind quiets down. Now I know why.

This morning I practiced anapanasati. At the same time carefully monitoring bodily sensations. This time, however, being aware that those very sensations are in fact the threads my Self is made of.

Sure, there were thoughts… But thanks to my engagement in the practice of focus, as well as the conviction that meditation is the only time when I have no reason to be worried or feel guilty about anything, when I can let go and relax without being concerned about repercussions*, the thoughts were very quiet. Sometimes disappearing completely. And we both know how damn pleasant it is.

I’m so looking forward to my next meditation to further explore this path.

*I credit Josh Korda for this idea.

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