2 Oct. Eating consciousness.

I sat for an hour on Saturday morning. Every 20 minutes – walking meditation for 30-60 seconds. I found myself refreshed and full of energy. Sitting or walking… it didn’t matter as long as I managed to maintain mindfulness.

I’m still very impressed by the theory of consciousness by Thomas Metzinger: the conscious self is the image of the body embedded in the mental representation of the outside world. So during the meditation, I used mindfulness of breath and body merely as tools to break the flow of the processes that take information from the senses and then use it to create the fantasy of the world and the self.

On Friday, while eating chicken for dinner, a thought struck me… I was eating a dead once-conscious-just-like-you-and-me creature. Suddenly, I felt disgusted. I felt like a cannibal. Since then, I don’t feel like eating meat anymore. But I know it will go away… We are talking about feelings here. I wish it would last.

Spain over the weekend. Well done to the government in Madrid! Regardless of who is right/wrong in this conflict, they presented themselves as vicious, insane, blood-craving bullies. I’m certain that every person watching those poor people being brutalized by the bunch of clowns in Halloween costumes took the side of the victims. Now the whole world sees why Catalonia wants to split. Why would they want to be a part of the country that attacks their own citizens?

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