6 Oct. Acem. TM.

My Transcendental Meditation story: I find out that David Lynch is a practitioner, I want to try it, find out the cost, it’s too expensive, I “research” TM online, try it, fail, adjust my practice, one night I experience bliss, the next day I fail, try some more, and abandon the practice. I come back to it and then abandon it again. I attend an introductory course in Drogheda, Co. Dublin. I try TM again (with poor results) and I stop.

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a meditation technique called Acem (a cheaper TM spin-off, apparently). After reading an Acem forum I accidentally discovered why my TM practice might have failed – I confused TM with samatha: I was trying to achieve one-pointedness of the mind, which is a very different thing from transcending the mind.

I tried TM this morning. I allowed the mantra to repeat itself, to live its own life, to change as it pleased (even to cease). At the same time, I remained mindful of my body, breath, and thoughts. I very rarely meditate past the final bell, but this morning when it rang I opened my eyes to get up but closed them immediately to prolong that wonderful feeling of peace, emptiness, and stillness. I’m so grateful. So hopeful now.

I don’t care about the whole cult/marketing hype around TM. TM is a mantra practice. I don’t even know why am I referring to it as Transcendental Meditation rather than simply a mantra practice?

4 thoughts on “6 Oct. Acem. TM.

    1. Hi, sorry for the late response! I came back to my good old Theravadian method: Anapanasati (mindfulness of breathing) because I found that even though I was able to relax very quickly and effectively by using TM it didn’t increase my understanding of the world around me or myself. I find that observing my thoughts during meditation – even though it is sometimes hard, tedious, boring and painful – allows me to suffer less in my daily life. I still hold TM in high regard. I don’t think that it should be so expensive thought. I have actually recommended TM to a few people already. But I would like to explore the whole Eightfold Path hence I’m pretty much interested in practicing in accordance with the sutras. But yeah, TM is great. I’m not saying I will never come back to it. Most likely I will. It served me well.
      How about you? Do you practice TM? How does it benefit you?
      Thank you and all the best!


      1. Hey adrian thanks for the reply.. My issue is a little bit vague, I’ve been practicing Meditation for 1.5-2 years, I started off with Breath Awareness Meditation(anapanasati), but I was so depressed and in a bad mood I just practiced it all wrong with many wrong attitudes, like forceful and rejecting thoughts etc. I was really in a hell at that time didn’t know what I was doing… Then I started to a Yogic Mantra meditation by Paramahansa Yogananda and it was like almost godsend at first because it gave the good boosts, and after 5-6 months of using that, with those wrong attitudes, like trying to forcefully empty mind, or escape mind or feelings etc… I became like depersonalized weird state of mind. And also learned that, that meditation was 3rd eye meditation and very spiritual and made for spiritual insights, realizations which I was only in for helping depression and healing my traumatic past self. So I don’t know what happened now, did that mantra meditation made me lose attachments or did some energy change in body. I’m feeling that detachment from myself on and off but not with reality, everything is ok, it’s just I feel not like myself, it comes and goes. Like I don’t feel my feeling at all anymore that much, at past, I was almost had negative feelings, I had a really traumatic life, but this time, it is like I’m disconnected from my past. I think I rejected my self so much that it got a habit on me, so right now I try to let go of all meditations because when I do any kind of meditation I fear I’m gonna get more dissociated, and I try to practice metta in attitude and as a lifestyle, but it is so hard, because metta prayer doesn’t have an effect too much, because in depersonalized state words don’t have emotional binding, I have found a way to transcend all these pains, changing my thoughts so I can change my state, like from the book Think and Grow Rich. Do you think should I stay the hell away from meditation now on? People tell me mindfulness etc but, I feel like my thoughts get more depersonalized when I go mindfulness, like I can’t observe anything because I’m so dissociated. Also I want to ask you a thing, I really don’t want to go back to my old habit of thinking negatively and judging negatively and feeling bad all day about other people and for myself. But I know that already rejection comes with a big price, so Accepting part of Mindfulness is good but, do you think if I consciously put a lot of effort to change my thinking patterns would it create an internal conflict? I also don’t like the Buddhist philosophy of no-self or deconstructing the self, because I already feel right now I have a weak sense of self. Forgive me for rambling a lot. Thank you.

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      2. Hi, I would be very cautious to give you any advice… For me, meditation is not a tool to feel good immediately. Very often it makes me feel really bad actually. But I know that it benefits me in the long run. To be honest, I can’t think about meditation outside the Buddhist’s philosophy. I consider meditation a tool allowing me to verify claims made by Buddha (impermanence, dukkha, non-self) and the feelings of joy and peace come from that certainty – not from performing this or that type of meditation technique. It’s just when you see that everything in life is impermanent, that everybody suffer, that we are a product of our upbringing, society, genes – you automatically become less and less judgmental. And I learned that – less judgmental = happier.
        I don’t know if what I have just said makes any sense at all?


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