25 Oct. Face of Buddha on a toast.

I don’t meditate. I sit and pay attention to the breath and the body. When I lose focus the default mode network (DMN) takes over. I notice it straight away. I come back to the body/breath.

I love Buddhism. But do I need Buddhism? What if the joy and peace attained during meditation have as much to do with any religion as a solar eclipse has to do with angry gods?

Somebody discovered that heedlessness activates the regions in our brains responsible for daydreaming and that mindfulness can switch them off. And then a religion was built around it… (When is the last time a neuroscientist started a religion?)

But what about the deeper states of meditation when people can look into other realms of existence…? Some people claim to talk to God, but you can’t really verify it, can you? What about the miracles, such as levitation claimed by Buddhist monks…? Why would they be taken more seriously than, for example, Miracle of Fatima? What about meditators seeing their past lives…? What about people seeing the face of Jesus on a toast!?

But I like my Buddhism. I respect my Buddhism. I want my Buddhism. But I’m so confused right now. I need to think about it.

6 thoughts on “25 Oct. Face of Buddha on a toast.

  1. Interesting take on ‘meditation’. I like your Buddhism. I think there’s a theory that DMT can be naturally released in your pineal gland through meditation thus giving people a feeling of ‘seeing God’. Some people think the pineal gland is the third eye. Again, interesting questions.

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    1. Jacob, thank you… Yes, this is exactly my concern… that all that happens during meditation is just “a feeling”. All religions try to convince us that they hold some ultimate objective truths, which all turn out to be just “a feeling”. Thank you again for commenting! All the best to you, Jacob.


    1. David, thank you for the heads up! I’ve been binge listening to Sam Harris already… so why not adding Dan Harris to the list of my addictions!? I will definitely listen to the episode you mentioned (“Altered Traits”) and others. I totally agree with you – science and Buddhism/meditation go hand in hand with each other. It is a source of great pleasure to discover that Buddhism is so much compatible with science (physics, psychology). All the best to you, David!


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