31 Oct. Evening at the beach.

A few days ago I took my son for a run. For the first time together. We were gone for an hour and a half. He didn’t stop talking even for a second.

After a few minutes, he fell bruising his elbow. I asked him if he wanted to go back. He said no. He complained about the pain. I asked him if it hurt really bad. He said yes. So what, it’s just pain, I said. It doesn’t do anything. So we kept running. I pat his head and told him how brave he was. We run over a small cliff overlooking the beach. We came close to the edge and looked down. Then we worked out a bit at the outdoor gym. I sat him on my lap to do some of the exercises. He enjoyed that. We must have looked quite interesting: a shaved-head guy doing pull-ups and skinny and tall 7-year-old boy flapping his arms uncontrollably in a fruitless attempt to do at least one proper jumping jack.

Then we went to the beach. We searched for treasures in the sand. My son found one – a cheap plastic soldier figure. Then we run home.

He will remember that day. Even when he has kids on his own. Everything is really interdependent and interconnected. Consequences of our actions stretch out years into the future. We rarely come up with anything new. Most of the time we just move along the tracks carved by our upbringing, and yet somehow we harbor the conviction that each of us is unique, special, separate and original.

Not realizing at all that this deep-rooted conviction is a source of greater suffering than it is of joy.

Oh yes… and meditation this morning sucked.


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