11 Nov. The art of not falling over.

I finally managed to sit for an hour this morning. Normally sitting that long is very hard. This morning it was very easy. I experienced no pain in lower back whatsoever. Proper body posture, straight spine. So important. It’s really worth investing time into learning a good posture. After 40 minutes, I did a minute of walking meditation to restore proper blood circulation to my legs.

So this morning I sat down to meditate with a resolve not to meditate. Meditation is so hard! You ought to try to attain peace and silence or at least acceptance of your thoughts, you are supposed to achieve an insight, or at least become more insightful, you are supposed to practice your focus, and then there is this whole enlightenment business which is the ultimate goal of the practice, but nobody seriously think they will ever attain it. So this morning I cast away the burden of trying to achieve anything, to meditate, to be a meditator. I simply sat still, being mindful of my body, breath and thoughts passing by. Yeah, but this is exactly what meditation is!, you may say… fine… but you can also call it planking for all I care.

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