2 Jan. A perfect circle.


Today is my fifth day without any caffeine at all. No coffee. No tea. The second and the third day were the worst. Irritation. Fatigue. The more unpleasant the process of giving up the more driven I was to kick the habit. I gave up coffee to improve my sleep and to aid my meditation efforts. Indeed I sleep better and also I’m much more alert and less heedless in the mornings.

Angst. Worry. Still there. Nothing major, but pretty unpleasant. I try to be mindful. I know for a fact that they shouldn’t affect me because they have no reality at all. Sometimes I do mindfulness of the Buddha practice: I visualise Buddha or repeat Buddho as a reminder of everything I’ve learned through meditation, reading, thinking. All those wonderful, beautiful things. It helps.

A few days ago while meditating I realised that past and present only exist in my mind. I felt that I could sit there forever. I wasn’t concerned about the time. My posture was good, so I hardly felt my body. Just the sensation of the breath in my nose, lungs and chest. Fantastic. Amazing. Concentration practice is often so pleasant.

I’m getting convinced that good meditation is not possible without understanding and following the Eightfold Path, without mindfulness of five hindrances. Strange thing: Eightfold path can help my meditation, but meditation is one of the factors of the Path. It’s like a closed feedback loop. Like a circle. It may not appear perfect. But the circle is perfect for me. It contains everything I need.

4 thoughts on “2 Jan. A perfect circle.

  1. For years I was a Pepsi holiday. I drank it the way some people drink coffee. First in the morning. During the day. At night. It was horrible.
    Then I got a horrible blade infection a few months ago and decided to try to stay away from it. The first week was agony. I attached myself to lemonade, although sugar connect is almost as bad. But it’s better. It’s been…. Maybe 4 months now? I’ve gotten to the point that once in a while if I’m out to eat ill have a Pepsi or coke, or an cup of coffee to warm myself, but my daily routine is pretty much caffeine free. I’m happy to hear that it’s making improvements in your practice and your life. Go you! ❤

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    1. Hi, thank you. I’m blown away by how much my sleep improved and how alert and awake I’m in the mornings without coffee. I didn’t expect such a great improvement! All the best!


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