9 Apr. Male privilege everywhere.

While visiting in my home country I didn’t do much meditation. I managed to sit for 30 minutes once. I visited Diamond Way group as well. I did Meditation of the 16th Karmapa with them. I enjoyed it. I visit Diamond Way group every time I’m back in Poland.

I have found this article here containing Josh Korda’s reaction to sexual abuse allegations against Noah Levine. I’m shocked. I considered Josh Korda a very wise man and have I benefited a lot from listening to his talks.

In addition to the talk, Korda helped organize a safe space for people to discuss how they felt. He put dharma facilitators Kathy Cherry, who is Korda’s wife, and Sydney Rose in charge of this process, saying, “I immediately realized I couldn’t do it, because I’m a man. We do live in a rape culture and male privilege is everywhere, so I can’t create a safe space for women.”

Men can’t create a safe space for women because they are… men and every man is a part of rape culture and male privilege? Seriously? Seems like a pretty vast generalisation to me.

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