10 Apr. Thoughts.

I meditated last night. I’m delighted to come back to my regular practice. Meditation is so important to me. So important. I bow to my Buddha statue in great gratitude before and after the sittings. I followed my breath wherever it appeared in the body. It turns out that the breath can be found everywhere. Blood distributes it to every cell in the body.

Yesterday, I read this post on bodhitreenet.com about thinking. It really struck me that indeed thoughts are a form of self-indulgence. This statement opened me to a whole new perspective of looking at my mind’s fabrications. So far, I have seen thoughts merely as involuntary reflexes. But in reality, they may be no more involuntary than reaching for a cigarette or browsing Internet. They are driven by seeking pleasure. They are a substitute for sense pleasures.

I spent a week in Poland recently. There is a lot I love about Ireland. There is one thing I’m lacking here – the magnificent forests stretching out forever.

Here is a picture of me in my preferred habitat:




6 thoughts on “10 Apr. Thoughts.

      1. I am well, and concentrated on my second ngondro, right now I a doing the mandala practice and it is so much fun generating universes of gifts for the Buddhas. It’s a fast meditation for me as I like to give. I was doing prostrations for some while but as the knees get too sore it is ok to take a break once in a while and focus on something else.

        Good to hear from you keep practicing 🙂


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      2. Hi, I’m glad you are well and immersed in your practice. I still remember that great advice you kindly gave me a year or so ago in one of your comments that really helped me with my practice at that time. And I still benefit from it. I’m still very grateful to you. Yes, I keep practising. I can’t imagine ever turning my back on meditation practice after 7 years of finding consolidation and wisdom through meditation.
        All the best to you, Sir. Please drop by my blog every now and then – if you can. I’m always delighted and appreciative to hear from more experienced practitioners.


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