16 Apr. Emptying the mind.

This is where I went on Friday:


I felt a Presence in there: loving, inviting, accepting. But also playful. The experience filled me with happiness, peace, joy and awe. I still can’t get over it. What was that presence I felt so strongly?

I slept for 11 hours on Saturday – something that almost never happens to me. Especially in the recent years marked by sleeping problems. Stressful thoughts don’t seem to bother me that much in the mornings anymore.

When I woke up on Saturday morning a phrase pop out in my mind: emptying the mind. It comes from this quote from “Swampland Flowers: Letters and Lectures of Zen Master Ta Hui”:

In the daily activities of a student of the Path, to empty objects is easy, but to empty mind is hard. If objects are empty but mind is not empty, mind will be overcome by objects. Just empty the mind, and objects will be empty of themselves. If the mind is already emptied, but then you arouse a second thought, wishing to empty its objects, this means that this mind is not yet empty, and is again carried away by objects. If this sickness is not done away with, there is no way to get out of birth and death. Once this mind is empty, then what is there outside of mind that can be emptied? Think it over.

I understood that this should be my practice in the daily life: to empty my mind. Whatever arises in the mind – let it go, don’t cling to it. There is a playfulness underlying everything.

I meditated on Sunday night. The stillness was so easy to achieve. I felt nested in it. So comfortably. Whatever arises – just let it go.

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