11 June. “Path of Ultimate Profundity.”

I managed to meditate over the weekend. My sittings were not as long as I would hope for. Because… family life. When I meditate I use Insight Timer app. But over the past few weeks – on top of my usual practice – I meditated at random times without using any timer whatsoever. When my kids were playing outside and my wife was upstairs I would sit on the couch or at the kitchen table, close my eyes and focus on the breath. For a few minutes. Just to connect with the experience of the present moment. To check if it’s still there. To reassure myself that there is still wisdom and peace waiting for me beneath the thick layer of idiocy, anxiety, stress, sadness and longings of my daily life. Buddhism. Meditation. My life depends on them. There is nowhere else I can go to to find the refuge.

I read the “Ganges Mahamudra” by Tilopa. It reminded me of “Faith in Mind” by Sengcan, “Tao Te Ching” and Happiness by Lama Gendun Rinpoche.

“Path of Ultimate Profundity: The Great Seal Instructions of Zhang.” I will try to read a chapter each day and note down the quotes that stood out.

Chapter One: On the View:

The sky is not other than the rainbow.
The rainbow is not other than the sky.
Rainbow is sky. Sky is rainbow.
They cannot be classed, distinguished or severed.
In like manner, mind and the myriad things are inseparable.


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