15 June. Namo Amithabaya.

Somehow I manage to meditate twice a day again. I’m delighted. My mind is noisier on the out-breaths. It is quite easy to be focused on the in-breaths. I notice the pause between each breath. When I notice that I’m thinking I bring my attention back to the space between the breaths – and that seems to quiet my thoughts pretty well.

I repeat mantra Namo Amitabhaya sometimes when I meditate. And quite a lot during the day. I’m very intrigued by the Pure Land Buddhism. Very. I tried to read “The Contemplation Sutra”… but, no, I couldn’t finish it. There aren’t many sutras I like, or even be able to finish. Let’s face it – the language of the sutras is obscure and verbose. Why? It is so frustrating. I would love to deepen my knowledge and understanding of Buddhism, but I just don’t have the time and energy to read through pages of boring lists of names and painful repetitions… It’s like trying to read the biblical “Book of Numbers”!


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