20 Jul. Ignorance strikes back.

Every time I start to reap the fruits of my meditation practice my ignorance tries to reclaim my mind. Unskillful thoughts exhaust me. When I wake up in the morning I feel pure, empty and full of energy. 5 seconds later my ego wakes up and floods my mind with ridiculous self-righteous and catastrophic thoughts. I feel tired again. And I stay like this for the rest of the day.

I found this poem by Kai Wariko here:

The voice with which I call Amida Buddha
Is the voice with which Amida Buddha calls to me.

I took my family to Ardgillan demesne yesterday. The place was so empty and so beautiful. It was so strange. I loved the trees, grass, flowers, absurd sea down in the distance, grey mountains even further on the horizon. I laid down on the grass and stayed there for as long as I could. I took a photo of a plant.


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