13 Sep. Desire.

Inspired by this blog post here I thought about desire. That I have never really considered it to be a form of suffering. Not getting what I want – yes, that’s suffering! But desire – no. The more I think about it the more I understand that desire is like physical pain, like loneliness, like sadness, like a headache, like a sore throat. Wanting is suffering. And indeed we feel pleasure and relief not from acquiring but from the cessation of desire.

But didn’t Buddha communicated this in the Second Noble Truth? The source of dukkha is craving. Why am I getting this only now?

I spent a day in Wicklow yesterday. I was hiking from 7 AM on Wednesday morning like a crazy person. At 1 PM I had to drive back to work. I showered. Shaved. Put the shirt on. Then I sat in a meeting looking at all those people, listening to their talking, thinking to myself – my God! – two hours ago I was in the wilderness, gathering water from a stream, starting a fire, staring at the trees, my hands still smelled of smoke, and now I’m here talking about nothing, pretending that I’m doing something important. I hated it, oh my God, how I hated it.

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