8 Nov. The Red Buddha. Kohelet.

The last couple of weeks. The busiest and taxing time of my life. Nembutsu helped me to go through it. There are many Dharma doors appropriate for who and where you are in that particular time. I don’t feel like rationalizing my Pure Land practice anymore. It is what it is. It is wonderful. In the end, everything is just a dream. It is. I know this. But I often forget. Increase wisdom, purify the mind, exercise compassion. Whatever takes me there is good. But whatever takes me there is just a vehicle. Just a finger.

I also started to read a bit from the Bible. I am absolutely mesmerized and impressed by the wisdom and the beauty of the Ecclesiastes from the Old Testament. You should definitely check out the New International Version.

Strangely enough – now, when my life becomes calm again I am less prone to reciting Nembutsu while on the meditation cushion. My attention naturally gravitates towards mindfulness of breath and body again. I will not waste my time thinking about it. I will simply go wherever my practice takes me.

Everything changes. There are never any final results. Just beginnings. Conditions for something new. The trap of Ego is the hardest to avoid.

Picture credit: https://luckythanka.com/products/amitabha-buddha-7

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