27 Apr. Metta.

I have memorised the whole Faith in Mind. It took me almost a month. Now I will forget it.

My son asked me if he could meditate with me the other night. My five-year-old daughter wanted to join. We sat on the bed. I told them to close their eyes, relax and feel the air coming in and out. Yes, you can move, yes, you can scratch your nose, yes, you can sigh. You can smile if you want, I said. As a matter of fact, I often smile when I meditate. When I smile my body is happier and the mind follows. This is a time of peace, silence and happiness just for you. I told them.

Some boy was mean to my 8-year-old son. Nothing major, but as a person who was bullied in my childhood I took it hard. Well known feelings of anger, sadness and fear arose in me. I did guided Metta meditation from John Haspel’s web page. I felt better. I really did. It is a very rare occurrence that meditation brings me immediate relief, but this time it did. I realised that there were way more anger and hatred in me towards that boy than it was concern about my son who already has forgotten the incident. I shared my insight with my wife who was also saddened by the accident. Yeah – she said, that is actually right! This is how meditation works sometimes.

Do you know what doesn’t go down well with meditation? Alcohol. It has been two weeks since I gave up my customary evening drink(s). I meditate more. I am happier. Rested. Alcohol. What a useless drug.

2 thoughts on “27 Apr. Metta.

    1. Mike, thank you. Yes, it feels great to live without alcohol. I am delighted especially because I have more time now to sit. But at the same time, I am not going to create yet another attachment. When the circumstances on those extremely rare occasions are appropriate, I will drink. The last thing I want to do is to create a non-drinker persona, identify with it, cling to it and suffer if I ever fall off the wagon. If I ever do it, I will do it and move on.

      I want my kids to be exposed to meditation practice from an early age. I want them to try it, I want them to see their father doing it, I want them to hear their parents talking about Buddhism. No forcing. No convincing. It is not needed as Dharma is true and effective. This is one of my parenthood goals to plant the seed of Dharma in the minds of my kids. And wife as well. I can see her growing more and more curious already.

      All the best Mike! And thank you.


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