19 Oct 19. Words.

The more I sit, the less I have to say about it. Words overwhelm me. Books, articles, blogs, podcasts, sutras, traditions, opinions and interpretations. And almost everything I have ever read, I have already forgotten anyway. Do we really have to go through all of this to be able to sit quietly on the bedroom floor on some boring Tuesday evening?

A few days ago, stress really got me again: low mood and sleeping problems. But I can only blame myself. I figured that I need at least an hour of meditation each day, but I fell short of this target a few times, even missing meditation entirely for one day. And that really affected my life. It is a choice really, at least in my case, between wisdom beyond words and ignorance.

I had to go to Dublin on Thursday. On the early morning train, I looked out of the window. Outside it was still dark. Somebody was reading a book backwards.

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