4.02.20. Nembutsu.

My mornings are often filled with negative self-talk and nerves-wrecking inner-chatter. I have decided to dive into the Nembutsu practice headfirst and abandon any efforts to reconcile it with my rational mind. Not because I think that Nembutsu would not pass the scrutiny of my rational mind but because there is nothing rational about my mind.

I continue to practice anapanasati as well (mindfulness of breathing). I don’t see any contradiction between the two. Both are wonderful. Both are helpful.

3 thoughts on “4.02.20. Nembutsu.

  1. Adrian,

    Good for you. Nembutsu practice doesn’t do it for all of us, but you seem to respond well to it so why not? It is a skillful means of calming the mind and if it worked for me I would do it as well. Every good blessing! Mettacittena!


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    1. Thanks Mike, I am not sure about the whole metaphysical aspect of Nembutsu, but indeed it wonderfully calms and centres my mind. I am not saying that there isn’t more to it than just a concentration practice, but who am I to assess that? I’d rather reap the benefits, enjoy and cherish them, than try to satisfy my limited, ego-driven and self-centred “rational” mind through shallow investigation and search for the “objective truth” (the “objective truth” being nothing more than just a version of the truth appropriate for our times, very different from what we called “the truth” a hundred years ago and nothing like “the truth” of the future).

      Probably one of the reasons why I decided to pursue the Nembutsu path was the realisation (triggered by the consequences of my silly decision some two months ago to turn my by back on the Dharma) that my rational mind is very limited, that there are things, patterns, structures, rules out there in the world and within ourselves that we will never be able to investigate by other means than by self-inquiry and closely observing their effects. Just like observing black holes. Apologies for incoherent babbling. Thank you again. All the best, Sir!

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