14 Mar 20. Breathing.

I meditate as much as I can. When my mind is particularly unsettled, I count out-breaths. Then I proceed to anapanasati (mindfulness of breathing). I try to practice it exactly how the Satipatthana Sutta instructs me: I breathe mindfully experiencing the whole body.

Such a simple practice. I enjoy it so much. I wake up around 5AM (or earlier) every single day (including weekends) without even having to set up the alarm. I read a bit from Zen/Chan masters and from Theravada sutras. Then I sit. It is wonderful.

My work is a nightmare. I am being humiliated, cheated and taken advantage of regularly. I can’t defend myself. It is really awful. But I have my meditation. And I have access to the wisdom of the Buddha.

Otherwise, anger, fear and self-righteousness would destroyed me.

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