18 Mar 20. Hate.

I woke up before 6 AM. I had a coffee number 1 and a coffee number 2. I read Satipatthana Sutta. I think I now understand why the Theravada sutras are written in this peculiar way: full of repetitions. I have noticed that it is only irritating when you are reading the text for the first time. When you read it over and over again it has a calming effect. Especially if you like and appreciate the text. It’s quite enjoyable actually. Non-Repetition destroys the Dhamma (Dhammapada).

I will have to work from home for God knows how long. This means I don’t have to drive to work in the mornings. I can sit and watch my breath instead. This morning, on the meditation cushion, my mind wouldn’t settle. It was crazy. Later, I had a call from work. It angered me. It frustrated me. It filled me with hate and spite. But the feelings went away. They went away faster than usual.

In my case, loving-kindness is the only option there is. It’s either that or hell.

It is so hard to be locked up at home with two kids. I meditate every day. I read the sutras every day. I don’t read the news. I try to work out every day. I have some weights and a pull-up bar in my bedroom. On some nights, I may have a beer or two.

The weather in Ireland is cold, sad and grey. It’s time to re-watch the Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Yes, it is time.

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