18 Aug. The house is not quiet.

Last night, 20 minutes. Before closing my eyes I remembered my goals: developing concentration, observing the three marks of existence. And also what the Buddho meant to me: knowing about the emptiness and stillness underlying every thought. And I gave myself a pat on the back for keeping my practice going... And the meditation turned out … Continue reading 18 Aug. The house is not quiet.

17 Aug. Daniel is enlightened.

I'm listening to an interview with Daniel Ingram. He claims Enlightenment and Arahantship. It sounds awkward. Doesn't awkwardness of this statement says more about Buddhism than it does about the claimant himself? You would expect the enlightenment - considering how many people meditate - to be something more common. But it's quite the contrary. It is … Continue reading 17 Aug. Daniel is enlightened.

16 Aug. No Buddho. No anapanasati. Buddho. Anapanasati.

20 minutes last night. Before I got to sit: work, gym, commute, shopping, kids fighting, crying, laughing, often at the same time, so I don't know if I should comfort them or laugh with them?, refusing to eat normal food, refusing to stop eating junk food, asking for a drink, no, not this drink, that … Continue reading 16 Aug. No Buddho. No anapanasati. Buddho. Anapanasati.