23 Nov. Diamond Sutra.

Meditation sucks these days. I meditate in the evenings, after putting my kids to bed. At that time I'm already exhausted and I dread meditation. Afterwards - I'm often grumpy. Like a person awoken in the middle of the night. (Sadly this is as close as I got to the awakening.) In order to meditate before … Continue reading 23 Nov. Diamond Sutra.


16 Nov. In the mouth of madness. Almost.

I missed meditation last night. I was simply exhausted. Commuting, 8 hours in the air-conditioned nightmare, gym, after work: entertaining my kids, another workout at home… by 8 pm my batteries were flat. So I sat down at the kitchen table listening to "Nevermind", drinking tea, with a shameless pleasure and without even a trace … Continue reading 16 Nov. In the mouth of madness. Almost.