5 Jan. Free will. Freddy Mercury.

I watched Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. It got me thinking about free will. I came across this article that states: Many neuroscientists, armed with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and other brain scanning tools, argue that, now that we can peer into the brain, we can see that there is no "agent" there making choices. Is Buddhism … Continue reading 5 Jan. Free will. Freddy Mercury.


4 Jan. Pain. Suffering. Nembutsu.

I have realised that subconsciously I had been expecting that my Buddhist practice would eradicate all the pain from my life. Did Thich Quang Duc suffered? Or did he just experience pain? I have finished listening to an audio-book "Can't hurt me" by David Goggins. A great book about pain. In one of his talks, … Continue reading 4 Jan. Pain. Suffering. Nembutsu.

1 Dec.

I went to sit with Soto Zen folks again. I had to drive all the way to Dublin. The room was very cold. We sat from 7.30 PM until after 9 PM. The first 30 minutes were very bad: cold feet, cold nose, drowsiness. The next half an hour was way better. I sort of … Continue reading 1 Dec.