7 Jul. Namo Amitabhaya.

Thousands of Nembutsu recitations during the day. Each recitation is an unskilful thought I didn't think. A few hundreds of Nembutsu recitations before meditation. Then mindfulness of breath/body. So easy to focus on the breath. When thoughts arise - they are very shy. Weak. Much easier to stay focused and quiet.


6 Jul. Haru Matsuda.

I managed to sit yesterday. After 10 minutes I was falling asleep so I stoped. I recited Nembutsu throughout a day. How many unskillful thoughts I managed to avoid this way? Hundreds? Thousands? I discovered two poems by Haru Matsuda. She is a very mysterious figure. The only information I was able to find about … Continue reading 6 Jul. Haru Matsuda.

29 June. Mr Nice.

I probably did way over 1,000 Namo Amitabhaya recitations yesterday. Did I accumulate any merit through nembutsu recitation? I don't know! Was that my purpose? Absolutely not. I haven't made my mind yet about the authenticity of the idea of re-birth in Pure Land. But I have great respect and faith in all the buddhas of … Continue reading 29 June. Mr Nice.