7 Nov 20. Sadness. Devotion. Nembutsu.

I have always been plagued by a feeling of sadness. Not so much now in my thirties as I was in my teens and twenties. Now, having a family and a job, I simply don't have time for it. And that's the point - when I look at my sadness, I realise how selfish it … Continue reading 7 Nov 20. Sadness. Devotion. Nembutsu.

4.02.20. Nembutsu.

My mornings are often filled with negative self-talk and nerves-wrecking inner-chatter. I have decided to dive into the Nembutsu practice headfirst and abandon any efforts to reconcile it with my rational mind. Not because I think that Nembutsu would not pass the scrutiny of my rational mind but because there is nothing rational about my … Continue reading 4.02.20. Nembutsu.