18 Oct 21.

On Monday, I got up before 6AM and drove to Dublin again to sit with Soto Zen folks, this time at 7.15 in the morning. The sun was raising slowly on the wall in front of me. We did a bit of walking meditation. I noticed people rushing about outside a large window of the … Continue reading 18 Oct 21.

2 Jun. Buddha and the Universe. Part 2.

Here is another quote from the sutras about Buddha's view on the physical Universe (I think...). You can check out the first mindboggling quote I have come across here. This one is from "Andhakara Sutta" (SN 56:46): There is, monks, an inter-cosmic [intergalactic?] void, an unrestrained darkness, a pitch-black darkness, where even the light of the sun … Continue reading 2 Jun. Buddha and the Universe. Part 2.