27 Oct 21. Never-ending practice.

Sitting with Soto Zen folks in Dublin again. 45 minutes of staring at the wall, followed by a few minutes of walking meditation, followed by another 15 minutes of sitting meditation. When I was preparing to leave, a lady asked me about my sitting. I said it didn't feel like an hour. - Time flies … Continue reading 27 Oct 21. Never-ending practice.

18 Oct 21.

On Monday, I got up before 6AM and drove to Dublin again to sit with Soto Zen folks, this time at 7.15 in the morning. The sun was raising slowly on the wall in front of me. We did a bit of walking meditation. I noticed people rushing about outside a large window of the … Continue reading 18 Oct 21.

27 Apr. Dukkha.

Mildly anxious thoughts about work before falling asleep last night. And then a realisation - my anxiety is really caused by inability to fulfil the desire for things/states I wrongly assume will bring me permanent happiness (like my boss treating me fairly, me paying off debts and so on). That night, I had a dream … Continue reading 27 Apr. Dukkha.