21 Sep 19. Lazarus of Bethany. Klingsor.

My practice is flourishing. This morning, I sat for an hour. So simple. Watch the breath. Short. Long. Deep. Shallow. You are not breathing. When you are breathing, you want to control the breath. It is not even that your body is breathing. Not even - the body is breathing. A body is breathing. When … Continue reading 21 Sep 19. Lazarus of Bethany. Klingsor.

5 Sep 19. Not my friend.

Yesterday I meditated before leaving for work and after putting my kids to bed. Morning meditation was enjoyable. Evening sitting: one pointless anxious thought after another. This is my problem and the source of great suffering: anxious thoughts, worry about kids and work. So as I was meditating last night, my mind created one dreadful … Continue reading 5 Sep 19. Not my friend.

22 Feb. Relief.

I managed to sit for 30 minutes last night. I started off with mantra: 'Om' (but it could have been any meaningless word or sound). Not repeating it mentally. Not trying to focus my attention. It was not a concentration practice. More along the lines of transcendental meditation technique. I thought the mantra clearly a few … Continue reading 22 Feb. Relief.