24 Nov 19. Tempest.

I meditate. A focused mind = still mind = happy mind. This is the way the mind works. This is what the Buddha realised (re-discovered?). And luckily he cared to tell everyone else. And today, thousands of years ago, science is starting to catch up with his wisdom. But why would I want to turn … Continue reading 24 Nov 19. Tempest.

23 Mar. Morning routine.

I meditated last night. I meditated to remind myself how does it feel to be in the present moment when absolutely nothing is going on. I sat to practice coming back. I practised maintaining focus - in order to stay grounded in the now. Don't just sit there doing nothing. Be occupied with the breath … Continue reading 23 Mar. Morning routine.

22 Aug. God damn you, Gabriel. And God bless you.

I missed meditation on Monday morning. Because on previous night I went to bed reading “One hundred years of solitude” with the intention to finally finish it. And according to my Kindle Reader, I had only  5 minutes left to read... And there I was, two Placebo albums later (plus bonus tracks), still reading. And … Continue reading 22 Aug. God damn you, Gabriel. And God bless you.