7 Nov 20. Sadness. Devotion. Nembutsu.

I have always been plagued by a feeling of sadness. Not so much now in my thirties as I was in my teens and twenties. Now, having a family and a job, I simply don't have time for it. And that's the point - when I look at my sadness, I realise how selfish it … Continue reading 7 Nov 20. Sadness. Devotion. Nembutsu.

19.02.20. Funeral.

Monday. The funeral of my friend's father. I didn't know the gentleman. I attended because I knew his son. After the mass, I drove a few people from the church to the cemetery. When we were approaching the cemetery, an older Polish lady who was with us said: "We are born with nothing. We die … Continue reading 19.02.20. Funeral.

28 Jan 20.

During the past two months, I wasn’t faithful to my resolution to live in complete detachment from Dharma (God, I can’t even do that right!). I would open this or that book randomly from time to time. Especially the “Dhammapada” and “Zen Flesh, Zen Bones”. I came across the two passages in the latter - … Continue reading 28 Jan 20.