4.02.20. Nembutsu.

My mornings are often filled with negative self-talk and nerves-wrecking inner-chatter. I have decided to dive into the Nembutsu practice headfirst and abandon any efforts to reconcile it with my rational mind. Not because I think that Nembutsu would not pass the scrutiny of my rational mind but because there is nothing rational about my … Continue reading 4.02.20. Nembutsu.

10 Dec 19. Nembutsu.

I like getting up in the morning. Because of: my family, dog, books, music, gym, food, meditation, running, coffee, guitar and swimming. I hate getting up in the morning. Because of the anxious thoughts that torment me as soon as I open my eyes. Here is the drill. First, my mind displays a vision of … Continue reading 10 Dec 19. Nembutsu.

1 Dec.

I went to sit with Soto Zen folks again. I had to drive all the way to Dublin. The room was very cold. We sat from 7.30 PM until after 9 PM. The first 30 minutes were very bad: cold feet, cold nose, drowsiness. The next half an hour was way better. I sort of … Continue reading 1 Dec.