16 Nov. Killing the Buddha. Part 2.

I was very uncomfortable preparing this post. It felt like slandering my own parents. But here are the main reasons why I have decided to practice meditation only and to detach myself from all forms of Buddhism.  In short - my thinking mind just can't handle the complexity, information overload and conflicting statements of Buddhism. … Continue reading 16 Nov. Killing the Buddha. Part 2.

9 Nov. Killing the Buddha.

What a relief to put Buddhism away. One day, I was reading some sutras about heavens, hells, angel-like creatures, punishment and reward in the afterlife. Paradoxically, it sounded way more familiar to the Christian apostate in me than it did to the Dhamma follower working on abandoning attachment, lessening the ego and awaking compassion here … Continue reading 9 Nov. Killing the Buddha.