24 Oct 20. Falling.

Meditation is so very different now when, while maintaining focus on the breath in the body, I also hold in mind the teachings of the Buddha: 4 Noble Truths, 3 Marks of Existence, 5 Hindrances, 7 Factors of Awakening. No, not mentally repeating them, just knowing them by heart. When I sit, I simply remember … Continue reading 24 Oct 20. Falling.

9 Oct 20. Mindfulness.

Is mindfulness really paying non-judgemental attention to whatever is occurring in the present moment? Or is it keeping in mind the Dhamma and applying it to present experience which requires both judgement and concern about the future results? This morning whenever a painful thought arose, I remembered that it was impermanent, pleasure thought - ultimately … Continue reading 9 Oct 20. Mindfulness.

27 Apr. Dukkha.

Mildly anxious thoughts about work before falling asleep last night. And then a realisation - my anxiety is really caused by inability to fulfil the desire for things/states I wrongly assume will bring me permanent happiness (like my boss treating me fairly, me paying off debts and so on). That night, I had a dream … Continue reading 27 Apr. Dukkha.