18 Mar 20. Hate.

I woke up before 6 AM. I had a coffee number 1 and a coffee number 2. I read Satipatthana Sutta. I think I now understand why the Theravada sutras are written in this peculiar way: full of repetitions. I have noticed that it is only irritating when you are reading the text for the … Continue reading 18 Mar 20. Hate.

3 Mar 20. Thoughts.

A few days ago, while meditating, I had this realisation: I don't lose mindfulness because my thoughts appear. Rather, thoughts appear because I lose mindfulness. For me, the implication of this discovery in terms of simplifying and clarifying my practice is huge. There is just this one thing to do in meditation: awareness of the … Continue reading 3 Mar 20. Thoughts.

28 Jan 20.

During the past two months, I wasn’t faithful to my resolution to live in complete detachment from Dharma (God, I can’t even do that right!). I would open this or that book randomly from time to time. Especially the “Dhammapada” and “Zen Flesh, Zen Bones”. I came across the two passages in the latter - … Continue reading 28 Jan 20.