9 Sep 19. Deathless.

Awareness is the place of the deathless; unawareness is the place of death. The aware do not die; the unaware are as though dead already. And: You should see the world As a bubble, a mirage. If you look on it like this The King of Death can’t see you. The quotes from the Dhammapada. … Continue reading 9 Sep 19. Deathless.

24 Jul 19. Annica on steroids.

Every year I visit my hometown in Poland. Being there only once a year gives me a unique opportunity to observe impermanence in action: how people and places change, getting older by a year in a split second when my ghostly memory is confronted by its ghostly apparition. A few days ago, while in Poland, … Continue reading 24 Jul 19. Annica on steroids.

2 Jun. Buddha and the Universe. Part 2.

Here is another quote from the sutras about Buddha's view on the physical Universe (I think...). You can check out the first mindboggling quote I have come across here. This one is from "Andhakara Sutta" (SN 56:46): There is, monks, an inter-cosmic [intergalactic?] void, an unrestrained darkness, a pitch-black darkness, where even the light of the sun … Continue reading 2 Jun. Buddha and the Universe. Part 2.