15 Nov. Dante’s 3-sphere.

Yesterday morning – a half an hour before work and 20 minutes before bed. A lot of thoughts. So what? Try not to think. Try not to breathe. Try not to blink. I let my thoughts flow knowing that eventually the stream will start drying out. Hopefully. If I’m lucky. The most important thing is not to get caught up in mental fabrications. Being aware of thoughts is like being aware of the breath. In my opinion. But I’m probably completely wrong.

I always tend to be more focused towards the end of meditation. The first few minutes are always chaotic and noisy. That’s the way it is. I accept it. My mind tends to get quieter later on. So I just sit and wait. Trying to be as much detached as possible from this idea that there is any “me, my, mine” in this sack of meat. Towards the end, it’s much easier to exercise focus and briefly attain the state of no-thought.

I continue to read “Reality Is Not What It Seems” by Carlo Rovelli. Hey, did you know that Dante’s 3-sphere is only an intuition within a dream? Yeah, I was shocked too!

Another quote from the book: Quantum mechanics teaches us not to think about the world in terms of ‘things’ which are in this or that state but in terms of ‘processes’ instead. This statement sounds like it was taken from a random Buddhist/mindfulness blog on WordPress.

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