29 Oct. One-minute life.

I went for a run. I admired the beauty of the trees. Their acceptance and stillness. Wisdom. Indifference. I wish I was more like a tree or a rock. I’m fed up with this constant movement. One-minute dramas. One-minute victories. One-minute worries. Oh boy, I wish that there was something I could do to become more like a tree. An exercise, something, I don’t know, involving sitting still… preferably on a floor, close to the ground, of course, something that would teach me how to register life, but remain still. Oh, how I wish somebody would finally come up with something like that!


Last night I meditated after putting my kids to bed. It was so easy to remain focused on the breath. When I lost mindfulness, the thinking process began. No point trying to stop it. Time is just a stream of present moments. Just look after the “now” that is unfolding now. Make sure that the focus is on the breath. Most of those 20 minutes were just silence. Is it because I had let go of my attempts to meditate, to silence my mind? I put my efforts into staying focused. I’m delighted. I’m grateful.

Here is a picture of trees I took this morning while running. Aren’t they beautiful?


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