3 Oct. Overthinking. Exhaustion.

I found this gem here. It makes so much sense for an over-thinker like myself: worried, self-centered, angry, scared, stressed out, hopeful, desperate.

We eat only when we are hungry, we walk only when we need to go somewhere, we talk only when we need to express; but we go on thinking with or without any need. This consumes a lot of energy. Effortless silence obtained through meditation seems the best remedy.

4 thoughts on “3 Oct. Overthinking. Exhaustion.

    1. Absolutely. The fear of losing control. The fear of being lost and confused. But there are more answers in silence than there are in thinking. I know this for a fact. And yet my thoughts consume me. Why? Probably for the same reason I use nicotine – it’s a habit that is very hard to break. I just need to sit. More. As much as I can. And work on developing sati in my daily life. I will. There are no other options.

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