14 Aug 21. Mindfulness.

I have always thought about sati (mindfulness) as a skill. Something we consciously apply to whatever arises in our experience. So I am reading this book called “Buddha’s last sermon – in hell”. In the book, the protagonist, a woman called M., talks about sati not as a skill, but as a reflex. It really stuck with me. How much more helpful and useful sati would be if I managed to integrate it on the level of subconsciousness rather than leaving its appearance to the whims of my undeveloped ego.

I was also thinking recently about what does it mean to let go, to accept reality unconditionally, to refrain from judging and complaining. What occurred to me was that I can’t achieve neither if I look away from the mishaps and worries that may be my experience, if I use sati as a distraction. Instead, I should bravely submerge myself in negative experiences armoured with patience and the right understanding that no snowflake ever falls in the wrong place.

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