15 Nov. Eyes open.

I have been meditating more with my eyes open recently. I like it. It blurs the line between meditation and no-meditation. I feel that closing my eyes separates me from, so called, life. And ultimately why would there by any separation between meditation and no-meditation? 

I went to Amitabha Puja ceremony in Dublin. I didn’t like it. I didn’t understand a word as everything was in Tibetan. When I asked about the meaning of the words I was told that they couldn’t tell me. I don’t like this whole secrecy.

I went to sit with Soto Zen people. I loved it. 30 minutes of sitting meditation. 10 minutes of walking meditation. 20 minutes of sitting meditation. The Heart Sutra chanting. Dharma talk. My first live Dharma talk. It was wonderful.

I bought a house. I have fulfilled one of my life’s biggest goals. For the past few years I imagined that once I manage to buy a house for my family I will be perfectly happy. But here I am – still losing sleep due to stress. Happiness truly lies within.

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